Minggu, 03 Februari 2013

A Brief History of Graphic Design

It can be argued that the history of graphic design can be traced back to ancient art such as cave wall paintings & Egyptian hieroglyphics. Although these are graphic depictions, I think graphic design is a bit more specific than that. Graphic design is more about communicating visually.
If you are telling a narrative or selling something, graphic design is the visual representation of that message. In my view, it is vital to know the history behind something in order to make use of it to it is fullest.

A number of the oldest makes use of of graphic design are in elderly books & manuscripts. They used ornate graphics to complement the story being told. Often, the text itself was written in an ornate manner - much the same as they do today with various font faces. Some other early makes use of of graphic design are on maps, calendars, & playing cards.

Another great example of early graphic design is in heraldry. This is best known as coat of arms. These designs are so great because they tell a narrative in a few pics. They are basically recognizable & convey a message all directly. Does this sound familiar? It is the same idea behind our modern corporate logos.
Logo design is of the largest areas of graphic design. Logos have been in use since at least ancient Greek times. Like Heraldry, logos, or trademarks, are so popular because each logo can tell a narrative in a small, succinct amount of space. The most popular logos stand the check of time & stay popular because of their ability to connect with people. When a person sees a famous logo, they immediately know the story behind that organization which it represents.

Within the past 200-300 years, graphic design has exploded to become a important part of every modern society. This includes anything from signage to promotion. The styles used to generate graphic designs have varied over the years. A number of this is driven by the development of new technologies. It also follows popular culture of the time.

The graphic design industry has been even more popular since computer aided design has been feasible. Computer expertise continues to grow faster & faster every day, which opens new doors to how they generate graphics. The ancient books that took months to design can now be done in an afternoon. Who knows what will be feasible even five or ten years from now.

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